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Feature Request FR-1898
Product Area Application Builder

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Allow total rows and columns for interactive grid.

theresa.galvez Public
· Sep 2 2021

Idea Summary
Create a simple way to add a Total Row for summing columns in an interactive grid.

Use Case
Interactive grids should have the option to include a total row to show the sum of any columns in the grid by selection at design time.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Perhaps add an option to the IG to add “summary row” and add an option on each column to “sum column” or “include in summary row”.  Similarly a summary column option could be allowed. The summary row should be able to be displayed at the top or bottom of the grid data.

This is currently on the roadmap for a future release of Oracle APEX.



  • john.snyders APEX Team OP 2.4 years ago

    Interactive Grid already has the ability to define sum or other aggregates for any column as part of the saved report settings. See Actions → Data → Aggregate.

    So I have to assume the request here is about “by selection at design time” which puts it in the category of other ideas for design time settings like column width.

  • theresa.galvez OP 2.3 years ago

    Yes, at design time, I need to be able to include a summary column and/or total row. My use case is for data entry more so than reporting. So, as the users are entering data, they expect the totals for both the row and columns to be updated automatically.

    It would be awesome if I could set a column to be a “summary” column at design time.

  • eramrit_datasoft OP 1.9 years ago

    really appreciate if add option for summary column in IG. while entry in IG total should be  auto update same as in oracle forms summary property in tabular form. this option most valuable for oracle forms developer to migrate into oracle apex. 

    Currently doing lot of work to do this. add a separate page item to show total while editing in IG. It should be in footer of same column, with declarative property show sum while editing.

  • theresa.galvez OP 6 months ago

    YAY! Thanks John!