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Feature Request FR-1843
Product Area Application Builder

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Refresh Region: Keep Pagination and scroll position

mhage Public
· Aug 25 2021

Idea Summary
The Dynamic Action "Refresh" for the Selection Type "Region" (especially to refresh a report) should keep the current pagination and positions of the scrollbars. The screen should stay in position by default using the refresh.

Actually the refresh will reset the pagination and will reset the scrollposition (if the refresh is called by an element within the report).

Use Case
As an user I have an element within the report column or outside of the report that refreshes the report. I do not have to remember and search my last report position, when I have scrolled or went to the next report pages.

Preferred Solution (Optional)
Boolean element(s) within the Dynamic Action “Refresh” to keep the position

Extension of the API
var region = apex.region( "myRegion" );

Current workaround for IR: see Refresh IR page

This is currently on the roadmap for a future release of Oracle APEX.



  • andersonrf OP 2.4 years ago

    We are having this issue now! It would be great not to lose the pagination and scroll position on refresh.

  • coelhohubert OP 1.9 years ago

    Required for classic reports also especially when the position of the cell that was clicked is in the data of the report which has been scrolled horizontally as well as vertically.

    The cell clicked may have redirected to another page in the application.

  • tony.andrews OP 1.5 years ago

    Frequent use case is opening an update form from a report.  After the update the report refreshes and reverts to page 1, so you often can't see the row you just updated.

  • joseassumpcao OP 10 months ago

    Please deliver this functionality in 23.2.

  • yuri_slutsky OP 10 months ago

    Great idea!

  • bshumway OP 10 months ago


  • dh OP 7 months ago

    Please, we desperately need this.

  • sydney.nurse OP 3 months ago

    Need the same on Interactive Grids as well for both page and scroll options

  • ramachandra.gopal.posina OP 2 months ago

    The current workaround for IR mentioned above is no longer working. I have tried the plugin provided as well but no luck. Can someone point me to any other workaround available?

  • kapil.singh OP 4 weeks ago

    How long more until this is addressed?

  • badhvaryu OP 3 weeks ago

    This is really too much. This is basic requirement and everyone wants it. It would be nice if the APEX Dev Team can look into it at the earliest.