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Feature Request FR-1589
Product Area Application Builder

61 Voters

Interactive Grid Running Totals

scott.horowitz Public
· Dec 18 2020

Allow total columns in interactive grid to automatically change as the data changes without the need for significant JavaScript

This is currently on the roadmap for a future release of Oracle APEX.



  • fac586 OP 3.2 years ago

    Something that should have been included from the start based on the volume of forum traffic regarding dynamic calculations in tabular forms.

  • fahdbahoo OP 2.4 years ago

    as fac586 said, it should have been included with the very first version of IG. this is such a basic requirement.

  • mudhaffer1990 OP 2.3 years ago

    Also the should be conditional .. for example if column A row 1 = ‘Y'  and row 2='N' AND ROW 3='Y'

    the sum should add 1 and 3 just.

  • eramrit_datasoft OP 2.2 years ago

    Also to display sum add a footer option in grid for every column. With this feature the apex very near to oracle forms.

    Thanks team for doing a best job