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General questions

What is the Oracle ACE Program?

The Oracle ACE Program recognizes and rewards individuals for their contributions to the Oracle community. Many ACEs are technically proficient and share their knowledge and experiences through giving presentations; writing blog posts, books, and articles; creating video tutorials; contributing to open source projects; sharing their knowledge on social media; writing code; answering questions in community forums like Stack Overflow; and more. The ACE award is also given to community leaders who organize conferences or meetups; volunteer in leadership positions in User Groups; write or produce newsletters; share Oracle Certification preparation knowledge; volunteer in an Oracle User Group; and more.

The award is given for a one-year term and members are eligible to receive the award for consecutive terms based on their continued contributions in the community. The program is comprised of three levels: Oracle ACE Associate, Oracle ACE Pro, and Oracle ACE Director. The Oracle ACE Associate and ACE Pro awards are given to those who have been sharing their knowledge in the community for at least one year, with the Pro level recognizing individuals who have contributed in greater depth for at least three years. The Oracle ACE Director award is for community enthusiasts who not only share their knowledge (often in extraordinary ways), but who also want a closer connection to Oracle product managers or product developers.

Who is eligible for the award?

Candidates should be highly proficient in their area of expertise and have demonstrated willingness to share their knowledge and experience. There are many ways Oracle ACEs share their knowledge—here are just some examples.

  • Writing content such as technical papers, articles, code samples, or utilities, or creating free applications
  • Creating or publishing Oracle-focused blog posts, video tutorials, webinars, podcasts, newsletters, or books
  • Speaking at conferences or events, including user groups, webinars, and meetups
  • Contributing to forums such as Cloud Customer Connect, GitHub, or Stack Overflow
  • Contributing to open-source projects
  • Volunteering at or leading user groups or meetups
  • Participating in Oracle efforts such as the Customer Reference Program or Customer Advisory Boards
  • Organizing events including including conferences and meetups
  • Creating social media posts promoting Oracle and related technology subjects
  • Mentoring, especially those in underrepresented areas in tech
  • Creating Oracle Dev Gym quizzes, workouts, or tutorials

Everyone except Oracle, public sector and government employees is eligible for the award.

Why join?

The Oracle ACE award is given to recognize people’s contributions in the community. The ACE Program will promote your contributions in social media, the ACEs in Action blog, the ACE Program newsletter, and on to raise your profile in the community.

What are the benefits of being an Oracle ACE Associate ACE Associate?

Benefits :

  • Recognition and promotion on as an ACE member
  • Profile posted online in the Oracle ACE Program Directory
  • Promotion of your contributions in Oracle ACE social media accounts, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and in the ACEs in Action blog
  • An Oracle ACE Program Award certificate
  • Oracle University Exam Credit
  • Invitations to participate in both global and virtual Oracle ACE Program product overviews and networking events
  • Access to ACE Slack channels specifically for our members to network with each other and Oracle product managers

What are the benefits of being an Oracle ACE Pro ACE Pro?

Oracle ACE Associate benefits plus:

  • Eligible for an Oracle CloudWorld conference pass at no cost
  • Oracle Cloud account

What are the benefits of being an Oracle ACE Director ACE Director?

Oracle ACE Pro benefits plus:

  • Travel-support eligibility to speak at tech conferences
  • ACE Director product briefings with Oracle executives and product management leaders
  • Beta testing eligibility

ACE award levels

What are the differences between the Oracle ACE Associate, Oracle ACE Pro, and Oracle ACE Director levels?

The primary differences between the levels are the demonstrated depth of knowledge shared in the community and the length of time that the candidate has contributed.

ACE Associates have either started sharing their knowledge within the last one year or have been contributing for longer periods, but in varying amounts.

ACE Pros have been contributing in the community for at least three years and have a positive reputation due to the quality and depth of their numerous contributions.

ACE Directors are our top-tier community members who not only have been sharing their knowledge with the community for more than five years, but who also participate in an ongoing dialog with Oracle to exchange ideas and provide product feedback. Oracle ACE Directors are also known to their peers as experts and thought leaders in their areas of focus.

Can I receive the ACE award for consecutive years?

Absolutely! We review all members in June to see if they qualify to receive the award for a consecutive year. The review period is June 1 to May 31, and we announce the yearly award recipients in June.

Will I be paid as an Oracle ACE Director?

No. Upon acceptance we ask that you agree to participate in an honorary, noncompensated capacity.

Who are Oracle ACE Alums?

Alums are former (not current) Oracle ACE Program members.


Who can submit an Oracle ACE nomination?

Anyone can submit a nomination for an Oracle ACE Associate and Oracle ACE Pro candidate. Yes, that means that you can also nominate yourself for these levels!

Nominations for ACE Directors need to be submitted by either current ACE members in good standing who do not have the same employer as the nominee, or Oracle employees. All ACE Director nominations need to include at least one reference from an Oracle product manager.

The ACE Program team will review a submitted nomination to evaluate the candidate's public contributions, level of expertise, and length of time they’ve been sharing their knowledge in the community. Oracle reserves the right to decide if a nomination is accepted or rejected.

We recommend that you fill out the application using as many knowledge-sharing examples as possible for the previous 12 to 18 months. For each community contribution, include a link so we can learn more about the candidate.

Who reviews the nominations?

Oracle ACE nominations are reviewed by the Oracle ACE Program team and relevant product managers, based on the candidate's area of expertise.

How do I know that my nomination has been received by Oracle?

We email the nominator as soon as the nomination is submitted and again when the review has been completed.

How long does it take for my nomination to be reviewed?

Because we receive a large number of nominations, the review process typically takes between 30 to 90 days.

How will I know if the nominee will receive the award?

We email all accepted nominees and their nominators with the award invitation details. We will email only the nominator if a nomination is declined.

What happens if my nomination is declined by Oracle?

The Oracle ACE Program team will email the nominator with suggestions on how the nominee can become a stronger candidate for the program. You can submit a new nomination nine months after a decline decision.

For questions about the Oracle ACE Program, please email Again, all nominators will receive a nomination submission confirmation email, so you do not need to contact us to inquire whether we received the nomination.