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Yong Jing
Yong Jing

Top Level Details

Job Role Architect
Company Changde Municipal Human Resources And Social Security Bureau
Country China, People's Republic of
Focus Area Database

About Yong

Yong Jing is a Hunan government information technology expert and system architect manager at the Changde Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Previously, he was a DBA Manager at Neusoft Group Limited. He has 8+ years experience on Oracle database administration, performance tuning, trouble shooting, RAC and Data Guard implementation, backup and recovery, architecture design, and SQL tuning. Yong has an in-depth understanding of Oracle's memory structure, physical storage, lock and latch mechanism, and optimizer and specializes in performance,SQL, and application tuning,

Yong has published many Oracle articles and sample codes in his personal Blog and in the ITPUB forum. His blog at ITPub (China's largest Oracle technical community) has had more than 2,600,000 visits. He is a core members of the Chinese Oracle User Group (ACOUG) and China Southwest Oracle User Group (SWOUG) and ITPUB (China's largest Oracle technical community).

Yong also founded the Oracle technical community, DBA Plus (, which is China's largest Oracle WeChat technical community.


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