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Ashish Sahay
Ashish Sahay
ACE Associate ACE Associate

Top Level Details

Focus Area Database
Job Role Founder and CEO
Company Ontoor Solutions
Country India

About Ashish

Ashish Sahay is Oracle APEX and Database enthusiast since 2016. Ashish Sahay is a frequent blogger on  and actively helps developers in the oracle community.
Contributing to APEX.WORLD for various open-source plugins. He is also active on other social media and community platforms like stack overflow, Facebook,
twitter etc to help and collaborate with people.
He has founded the website namely to provide simple and effective tutorials for beginners and experienced developers. This website is a collection of concepts and solutions of Oracle Database, APEX development, ORDS etc.
He also maintain the YouTube channel “Ontoor Solutions”, where he and his team collaborate and discuss the oracle concepts and publish the videos in the form of hourly discussion, small videos and shorts.