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Vinish Kapoor
Vinish Kapoor

Top Level Details

Focus Area Cloud
Job Role Architect
Company Virtual Employee Pvt Ltd
Country India

About Vinish

I am into software development since 2005. I have developed software applications in technologies like Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, and Oracle Apex. Areas of expertise in application design, coding, management, and strong problem-solving ability. I have a blog, in which I share my technical experience. I would say that it is a successful blog. Developers love my blog posts, and the biggest thing is that it also ranks well on Google. Due to this, I also started a question and answer forum, so that developers can ask more questions, and I or other community members can help them. That too is growing very fast. And not only this, but my knowledge is also growing day by day because the questions of people teach me something new every day.