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Martin Berger
Martin Berger

Top Level Details

Job Role Tech Architecture Associate Manager
Company Accenture
Country Switzerland
Focus Area OCI

About Martin

Martin Berger is been working in Oracle technologies environment since 2000. His main areas of expertise include the design of Oracle Cloud infrastructures, installation and maintenance of Oracle Database Appliances, setting up highly available database architectures and enterprise monitoring with the Oracle Enterprise Manager. And since some months, he has a new passion: to build fully automated database platforms based on Oracle hardware with Private Cloud Appliances, ZFS and ZDLRA. He works with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure since the Oracle cloud journey has started. Martin Berger is teacher for Trivadis -Part of Accenture Oracle architecture and cloud trainings. You can find him regularly at conferences or in community meetings. His company cultural values are exactly what he’s looking for - curiosity, action, networking, freedom and cooperation!

Expertises OCI Cloud OEM

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