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    • At the end of this course, you should be able to:

      • Learn how to install and use the Oracle Big Data Lite (BDLite) Virtual Machine (VM).
      • Learn about the Apache Hadoop core and ecosystem components.
      • Identify some of the available and useful resources.
      • Describe how Oracle Big Data SQL enables dynamic and integrated access for all of your big data.
      • Compare the Hadoop, NoSQL, and RDBMS stores in terms of data ingest, disaster recovery, and data access. 
      • Use Oracle Big Data SQL to perform integrated data analysis with data in Oracle Database, Hadoop, and NoSQL.
      • Review Apache Hadoop and Oracle Big Data SQL architectures.
      • Create Oracle external tables over data in HDFS and Hive.
      • Understand the two components involved in deploying Oracle Big Data SQL.
      • Review the Oracle Big Data SQL performance features.
      • Describe how Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) can now be extended to use Hadoop to store raw and archived data.
      • Review the Oracle Big Data SQL security features. 

      Although you may view these lessons in any order, this series is designed in a linear fashion, with each tutorial building upon the previous ones. Therefore, if you are new to Big Data or Oracle Big Data SQL, it is recommended that you view these lessons in order.

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