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    • Environment
      These instructions will help you create the environment necessary to complete the practices for the Online Mediation Controller basic administration course.
      Using the instructions, you will:
      • Download a prebuilt virtual machine
      • Install additional third party software needed for the Online Mediation Controller practices
    • Online Mediation Controller: Elastic Charging Engine (ECE) Integration


      • ECE integration overview
      • High availability in ECE integration


    • Online Mediation Controller: Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) Integration


      • BRM integration overview
      • High availability in BRM integration


      • Integrating with BRM
      • Configuring high availability for BRM integration


    • Online Mediation Controller: Overview


      • Online Mediation Controller overview
      • Deployment architecture
      • Features
      • Uses and use cases


      • Downloading software and documentation


    • Online Mediation Controller: Solutions


      • Charging mediation
      • Use cases


      This lesson has no practices.


    • Online Mediation Controller: Installation and Configuration


      • Installing
      • Creating domains
      • Configuring and starting servers


      • Installing Online Mediation Controller
      • Creating and configuring a domain
      • Configuring message debug logging



      The Product
      Oracle Communications Online Mediation Controller provides network connectivity for Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) and third-party online charging systems (OCSs).
      Online Mediation Controller acts as the front end for OCSs, providing connectivity to the network and mediating network protocols, supporting the Diameter and RADIUS protocols, and enabling delivery of online charging services for sessions in the network.
      When integrated with a third-party OCS, Online Mediation Controller interacts with the OCS through a standard Diameter-based Ro interface, mediating network protocols to Diameter Ro. When integrated with BRM, it interacts with BRM through a BRM Portal Communications Protocol (PCP) interface, mediating network protocols to PCP.


      The Course
      This basic administration course for Online Mediation Controller is a self-paced, offline course. The instructional material is provided as slides in PDF files. The hands-on exercises are provided in a PDF file and include step-by-step instructions. With its detailed, hands-on tutorials, you will walk away with a complete environment, suitable for prototyping and testing.

      The course has six lessons; all but one have practices:

      • Service Delivery Platform: Overview
      • Online Mediation Controller: Overview
      • Online Mediation Controller: Installation and Configuration
      • Online Mediation Controller: Solutions
      • Online Mediation Controller: BRM Integration
      • Online Mediation Controller: ECE Integration


      The Practice Environment
      The practices use a virtual machine that you create. The software that runs the virtual machine is Oracle VM Virtual Box. You need to have administrative rights on the machine to be able to disable or reconfigure any local firewall or CPU-intensive background processes, if necessary. The virtual machine requires a laptop that fulfills the following specifications:

      • Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, or Solaris
      • CPU: Preferably a dual core, at least 2 GHz
      • RAM: At least 3GB, but 4 GB or more is preferred
      • Hard Drive: At least 15 GB free space


      The Audience

      The audience for this course are system architects and integration developers with basic telecom knowledge who want to understand Online Mediation Controller. 



      This course requires basic telecom knowledge. There are no other mandatory prerequisites for this course.

    • Service Delivery Platform: Overview


      • The purpose of a service delivery platform
      • Oracle products in the service delivery platform portfolio:
        • Oracle Communications Converged Application Server
        • Oracle Communications Converged Application Server - Service Controller edition
          • Converged service - Social Voice Communicator
          • Converged service - Virtual Private Network
        • Oracle Communications Online Mediation Controller
        • Oracle Communications Policy Controller
        • Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper


      • Creating the practice environment


    • Lab Package

      This lab package contains all the lesson practices for the Online Mediation Controller course.



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