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    • The Identity Self Service user interface (UI) in Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2 PS1 is based on Application Development Framework (ADF), which ensures consistent customization. ADF allows UI customization that is safe from patches and upgrades. This means that after you apply patches to Oracle Identity Manager or upgrade Oracle Identity Manager, the UI customizations are preserved.

      UI customizations and personalizations are performed using the Web Composer, which runs in the browser, eliminating the need for additional development environments. Customizations, after they are published, take effect for all users, and can be performed only by administrators with the requisite authorization. Personalization can be performed by any user and changes made by a user do not affect any other user.

      In this tutorial, you will:

      • Rebrand the Identity Self Service Console
      • Use the Web Composer to modify a button label
      • Use the Web Composer to hide UI components, such as fields on a page
      • Add a custom user attribute, modify pages to include the attribute, and define a policy to display the attribute only to users assigned to specific roles
      • Personalize the Home Page of the Identity Self Service Console
      • Personalize search results by creating and saving custom search filters
      • Rename panel text for the Identity Self Service Console
      • Organize, rename, and hide menus for the Identity Self Service Console
      • Add a user defined field (UDFs) to a page on the Identity Self Service Console
      • Add the UDF to a search page


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