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    • Learn how you can use MySQL Enterprise Monitor to easily monitor MySQL assets in a private cloud, or automated DevOps environments.

    • Learn how easy it is to deploy a MySQL Cluster database that has been configured to best meet your application's needs within your environment. See how the installer automatically detects the resources available on your target hosts and then combines that with the application requirements that you specify in order to produce a tailored configuration. The tutorial will then demonstrate the installer pushing this configuration to the target machines and starting the process that make up the system.

    • Learn how to use MySQL 5.6 and the MySQL Utilities to setup, monitor and manage your MySQL replication topology. See how a single command can be used to add replication slaves. See for yourself how easy it is to use the utilities to continually monitor the replication master and then automatically promote the most appropriate slave in the event of a failure. For those who prefer more user control, the monitoring can run in an alert-only mode and you'll learn how you can manually initiate failover using a single command.



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