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    • This demonstration is focused on queues and queue instances. It shows: - The relationship of queues to hosts and jobs - Attributes of queues and queue instances and how to modify them - How to perform the following operations: . Suspend and resume a queue instance . Enable and disable a queue instance . Preempt, that is, allow important workloads proceed before less important ones. The demonstration also shows different states of queue instances: (a)larm, (s)uspend, (u)nknown, (d)isabled
    • This demonstration includes the following scenarios: 1. Limit the maximum number of jobs per user to six, and the maximum number of jobs in cluster to 10. 2. Set a quota for all users to not occupy more than eight slots. 3. Limit each user to a maximum of five slots. 4. Implement an exception: the root user should be allowed to use 22 slots. 5. Submit a conflicting request: The dant user requests 12 parallel job slots, clearly exceeding the limit of five for each user and of eight for all users.


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