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    • This tutorial describes how to model and simulate a business process using Oracle Business Process Management 11g. You see a demonstration of modeling using Oracle Business Process Composer, a simple web-based tool, as well as BPM Studio, a tool used to share process models with Developers. You also see how to use BPM Studio to run simulations—what-if scenarios—so you know how the process will behave under specific circumstances and you can optimize the process before going live.
    • This tutorial describes what’s involved in implementing a business process using Oracle Business Process Management 11g. You learn the steps in implementing three kinds of activities: business rule tasks, user tasks, and service tasks. You also see a demonstration of implementing a simple user task.
    • This tutorial describes what it is like to participate as an end user in a running process using Oracle Business Process Management 11g. After a brief review of the flow of the sample Sales Quote process, you see a demonstration of entering and approving sales quotes in a running process. You also learn what features Business Process Workspace offers to perform tasks, track processes, and monitor process performance.
    • This tutorial describes how to monitor a business process to ensure business goals are met. Oracle BPM provides two tools for this purpose: Business Process Workspace, and Oracle BAM. You learn the features of each of these tools, including how to set up alerts and configure the software to take corrective action automatically.
    • This tutorial describes how to use Oracle BPM 11g to design business rules during development and to customize them at run time, once a process has been deployed.
    • This series of 4 short tutorials covers the essentials of using Oracle BPM 11g to model and simulate, implement, participate in, and monitor a business process.


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