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    • The Trace File Analyzer (TFA) Collector Tool is a utility for collecting first failure diagnostics when creating Service Requests with Oracle Support. Using TFA Collector to make diagnostic collections removes questions about what files to collect and upload. TFA knows about all the well known Oracle and operating system diagnostic locations and collects only files that have been modified proximate to problem time specified from any of those well known locations. Larger files are also pruned proximate to problem time specified to reduce the size of the upload. If the system is a clustered environment TFA collects relevant diagnostics from the remote nodes as well. All of this can be accomplished with one simple command.


      Key features of TFA Collector include:


      • RAC and single instance non-RAC support
      • Time-based collection of relevant files
        • OS
        • Clusterware
        • ASM
        • DB
        • OSW and CHMOS
        •  etc
      • Large file pruning
      • Cluster-wide time-relevant collections
      • Analytics for key files
        • DB alert logs
        • Clusterware alert logs
        • ASM alert logs
        • system messages
        • OSWatcher top and slabinfo data
      • Flexible command line interface


    • Information is key to the success of most organisations today and as such the more information you have about your customers the better business decisions you can make.  T his means that databases (which hold the information) continue to grow in size and additional storage needs to be purchased on a regular basis to meet this growth.  In this webcast we'll look at how Storage Optimization techniques can be used to reduce the Oracle database footprint and avoid the cost of new storage and/or reclaim some of that storage for use by other systems.  We'll also take a look at some of the tools available to help you understand the likely benefit you will see from this reduced footprint and how we can work with you to look at the cost justification.



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