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Welcome to Oracle Linux Training

This site provides you information to help you grow your skillset using Oracle Linux. Whether you are working with traditional, cloud-based, or virtual environments, these skills will progress your knowledge into becoming a better Oracle Linux End-user, DevOps, or System Administrator.

On these pages, you will find videos, documents and other useful resources on topics such as:

  • Installing the Operating System
  • Technologies and components included in the Oracle Linux operating environment
  • Building systems to suit your needs, whether development or production, physical or virtual
  • Applying resources using fully-featured enterprise software



One of the first skills to learn is how to install Oracle Linux. These videos go through this process step-by-step and complete a Linux installation.




Learn how to administer Oracle Linux. These videos go through typical administration tasks performed on a Linux system.



Hands On Labs


 Monitoring and Logging

Learn how to monitor system performance and review system logs on Oracle Linux. These videos go through typical monitoring and logging tasks performed on a Linux system.




Learn how to connect Oracle Linux to the network. These videos go through the configuration files, firewalls, and command line utilities to get a Linux system online.



 Package Management

Package Management is an essential skill for installing software on Oracle Linux. Oracle Linux 8 introduced DNF, which replaces YUM, and in this video series, we cover how to use DNF, install the Oracle UEK kernel and how to add repositories.



 Oracle Ksplice

Learn to install, configure and use Oracle Ksplice to provide rebootless kernel and critical user-space updates. 


 Remote Management

When working with Oracle Linux, the environment you are accessing is not always physically accessible via a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. In those cases, you need to know how to administer your environment remotely. Depending on if you want a command-line environment (CLI) or graphical (GUI), these videos will get you started



 Storage Management

Whether manually partitioning your primary disk, adding additional disks for storage, or creating shared storage, working with disks is a skill all  Linux Administrators should know. These videos will get you started on using fdisk, formatting, filesystems, and disk encryption.



Hands On Labs


Take advantage of Linux virtualization and run operating systems as guests within Oracle Linux. In these videos we cover lessons on installation, management, creation and other aspects related to using virtualization on Oracle Linux.


KVM Videos

Container Videos

Kubernetes Videos

 Oracle Linux Documentation and Resources

Additional Resources

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