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Continuous Integration Pipeline for a Mobile App API

Upon completion of this series, the learner should be able to create a backend API for mobile apps that includes unit tests, and set up a Continuous Integration pipeline that is triggered whenever one or more commits are pushed to the application's Git repository.

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inetrmediate Intermediate
duration 60 Min
modules 3 Modules

Learning Path Contents

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  • Before You Begin
      duration 0 Min
    • In this learning path you'll create a very simple Human Resources API that has only one function: return a list of employees.The endpoint for this will be /employees, and the data will be returned as JSON.

      Although it's a very simple project, it demonstrates the principles involved in setting up a working CI/CD system in the Oracle Cloud that builds and deploys your code whenever changes are pushed to its code repository.

      Access to Oracle Cloud Services

      To complete the tutorials of this learning path, you need:

      • Access to Oracle Mobile Cloud Service and to Oracle Developer Cloud Service.  You'll need the following information: data center/region, identity domain, and the username and password for your account.
      • Git version 2.10.1 or later.
      • A working knowledge of Git, including how to commit, push, pull, and create a .gitignore file.

  • Set up a Continuous Integration Pipeline using Developer Cloud Service
      duration 15 Min