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Creating Basic Application Features with Oracle Application Express 18

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code development platform that enables you to build stunning, scalable, secure apps with world-class features that can be deployed anywhere. This Learning Path guides you on how to add basic features to your apps. You will create and edit charts, add interactive reports, create dynamic actions and also add interactive grids to your app.

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beginner Beginner
duration 70 Min
modules 5 Modules

Learning Path Contents

Module Sections Topics and more

  • Before You Begin
      duration 0 Min
    • To complete these tutorials you need:

      • Access to Oracle Application Express release 18

      Accessing Your Development Environment

      How you sign in and access Oracle Application Express depends upon where Oracle Application Express resides. Oracle Application Express may reside in a local on-premises Oracle Database or in a hosted environment, such as the Oracle Cloud. The sign in credentials you use to sign in differ depending upon the installation type.

      • Free Workspace: Give Oracle Application Express a test run by signing up for a free workspace. To request an evaluation workspace, go to and click Get Started for Free.
      • Oracle Cloud: Develop and deploy applications without worrying about infrastructure, repair, and downtime. Oracle Application Express is available in Exadata Express Cloud Service and Database Cloud Service. However, you need to manually customize your databases to install and enable Oracle Application Express. To learn more, see Database Cloud Service
      • Oracle Application Express On-Premises: Install Oracle Application Express directly within any Oracle Database and then sign in to your workspace using your sign in credentials. For details on your sign in credentials, contact your administrator or see Oracle Application Express Installation Guide.
      • Oracle Application Express Pre-Built VM: Install a Pre-Built Virtual Machine (VM) which includes an Oracle Database and Oracle Application Express 18.1. To learn more, see Hands-On Lab

      Once the VM is installed, start the VM:

      • Click the big red circle labeled Start.
      • Click the APEX shortcut, or enter the following URL:
      • Click the APEX browser bookmark.
      • When prompted to sign in, enter the sign in credentials (unless given other credentials to use)
        • Workspace: obe
        • Username: obe
        • Password: oracle

      Note your Application ID may be different when compared to the screenshots in these tutorials. Your Application ID is assigned automatically when you create the application.

  • Working with Charts in Oracle Application Express
      duration 25 Min

    In this module, you will learn to create and modify charts. You will also use dynamic actions and JavaScript to enhance the charts.

  • Customizing an Interactive Report as a Developer
      duration 15 Min
    In this module, you will learn to update region, Report, and Column Attributes in your Interactive Report.
  • Building Dynamic Actions
      duration 15 Min
    In this module,you learn to create dynamic actions in an application.
  • Customizing Interactive Grid as a Developer
      duration 15 Min
    In this module, you learn to edit the region Attributes, report Attributes, and column Attributes to alter an interactive grid.