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Sending data from Oracle IoT to a mobile device using Node.js

In this learning path, you will create a Node.js application to integrate Oracle IoT Cloud Service and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service.

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inetrmediate Intermediate
duration 90 Min
modules 3 Modules

Learning Path Contents

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  • Before You Begin
      duration 0 Min
    Instructions for getting started with this learning path.
    • In this learning path,  you learn how to integrate Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service by using an intermediary, Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.

      Access to Oracle Cloud Services

      To complete the tutorials of this learning path, you need access to Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service, Oracle Application Container Cloud Service, and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service. To request for access, you can do one of the following:


      A transportation company that specializes in the delivery and storage of perishable goods has several distribution centers equipped with humidity and temperature sensors. These sensor devices send data to and receive commands from Oracle IoT Cloud Service, while maintenance workers monitor and control the sensor devices from their mobile devices.

      The messages from the sensor devices are maintained and analyzed by the Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring application that provides insights from the connected assets. Whenever the temperature of a device crosses its predefined threshold value, Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring application generates an alert. Subsequently the maintenance worker receives a notification in his Android mobile phone.

  • Configuring Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service
      duration 40 Min
    This module configures the device models and device "samples" that are creating data to initiate events and incidents in IoT.
  • Integrating Oracle Mobile Cloud Service
      duration 50 Min
    This module covers how to create a service in ACCS to accept messages from IoT and forward them to a MAX application on MCS.