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EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting Basics: Report Packages and Doclets

To learn about report packages and doclets in EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting, review the documentation and videos in this learning path. When you are enrolled in this learning path, your progress will be tracked as you view each resource.

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beginner Beginner
duration 60 Min
modules 4 Modules

Learning Path Contents

Module Sections Topics and more

  • Learn About Narrative Reporting
      duration 20 Min

    Narrative Reporting enables multiple team members to produce report packages using a variety of authoring tools. In this learning path, you will learn about basic concepts and processes used in working with report packages and their components in Narrative Reporting.

    Note: As you view videos and read documentation, you may find Narrative Reporting called by its former name: Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service.

    Understand Narrative Reporting Processes
    Learn About User Roles
    • Users must be assigned to predefined roles that grant them access to business functions and associated data. Report package owners must have at least the Power User role.
    • readRead: Understanding Predefined Roles
    Review the User Interface and Other Basic Features
    • Refer to any or all of the listed topics to learn about Narrative Reporting feature controls. Your role determines the actions you can perform and the information you can view and use.
    • readRead: Overview of Narrative Reporting
  • Learn About Report Packages and Doclets
      duration 35 Min
    Report packages provide a secure, collaborative, and process-driven approach for defining, authoring, reviewing and publishing financial and management reports. In this section you will learn about report packages and how they are assembled from components called doclets. This is known as the Author Phase of Narrative Reporting.
    Understand the Functions of Report Packages
    Understand the Structure of Report Packages
    Understand the Phases of Narrative Reporting Development
    Understand Doclets
    • A doclet is the lowest level of content within the report. Doclets are assignable to users. For Word, a doclet can be a paragraph or a couple of pages. For PowerPoint, a doclet can be an individual slide or slides. You can use several types of doclets when creating report packages.

    • readRead: About Doclets
  • Assessment
      duration 5 Min
    Test your knowledge.
  • Learn More
      duration 0 Min