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Get Started with Oracle Blockchain Platform

In this learning path, you learn how to create an Oracle Blockchain Platform instance, install a sample, and run transactions using the blockchain samples.

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beginner Beginner
duration 38 Min
modules 3 Modules

Learning Path Contents

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  • Before You Begin
      duration 0 Min
    This series of videos and tutorials walks you through the process of creating a blochchain network and running transactions on that network. Although you do not need to understand any of the underlying technologies to complete the learning path, having a basic understanding of Hyperledger Fabric is helpful.
    Get Access to Oracle Blockchain Platform
    • To complete the tutorials of this learning path, you need:

      • Access to Oracle Blockchain Platform. To create an instance you need administrative access to Oracle Cloud My Services.
      • If you're using a pre-existing an Oracle Blockchain Platform instance, then you need the following information: data center/region, identity domain, and the username and password for your account.
  • Learn About Oracle Blockchain Platform Architecture and Features
      duration 13 Min
  • Create an Oracle Blockchain Platform Instance and Install the Samples
      duration 25 Min