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Create a Revenue by Brand Map Using Oracle Analytics Cloud

In this learning path, you present business data on a map to highlight the trends. You configure map data, create analyses with map views, and edit the map views to show revenue by brand across cities and countries.

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beginner Beginner
duration 60 Min
modules 6 Modules

Learning Path Contents

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  • Strategize Your Business Activities
      duration 2 Min
    You need to present to your business strategy board members the revenue earned by your company's BizTech and FunPod brands in various cities and countries. This information is crucial for analyzing the reasons for low revenues and for planning promotional activities for these brands. Instead of presenting the revenue data in spreadsheets or charts, you want to highlight the high and low revenue values on a world map. In Oracle Analytics Cloud, you can create a map view that presents business data in the context of a map. Similar to table, pivot table, and graph views, map views enable you to visualize and manipulate data. The key difference is that a map view presents data in spatial form. When data is visualized on a map, you can easily discover regional trends and transactions that might not be obvious in tables or graphs.
    • In this learning path, you learn how to set up map information for dashboards and analyses so that business intelligence analysts can visualize and interact with data in maps.

    Get Access to Oracle Analytics Cloud
    • To complete the tutorials of this learning path, you need access to Oracle Analytics Cloud as a service administrator.

      Need access? Use free credits to try Oracle Analytics Cloud.

  • Read Before Doing
      duration 13 Min
    Take a few minutes to read about map backgrounds and layers so that you understand how maps in Oracle Analytics Cloud can help you present the revenue data effectively by brand across cities and countries.
  • Configure Your Map Data
      duration 15 Min
    In this module, you create a data set using revenue_by_brand.xlsx, associate business intelligence columns with map layers, and edit a background map. For example, map the Country Name column to the World_Countries map layer and the City column to the World_Cities map layer.
  • Create Your Map View
      duration 15 Min
    Now that you’ve configured your map data, you’re ready to create an analysis by using the revenue data. In this module, you create an analysis and display results in a map view by using the World_Countries and World_Cities layers. You also modify the map formats to view information differently.
  • Create a Master-Detail Linking with Your Map
      duration 10 Min
    You can present your revenue data effectively by displaying the same data at the same time in multiple views. With master-detail linking of views, you can establish a relationship between two or more views so that one view, called the master view, drives data changes in the other views, called the detail views. In this module, you create a master-detail linking between a map view and a graph view in your analysis. For example, you specify the map view as the master view and the graph view as the detail view.
  • Test Your Knowledge
      duration 5 Min
    You’re now ready to create maps to highlight a variety of business data. But first, test your knowledge. If necessary, revisit the topics in the Read Before Doing activity as well as the references in the Want to Know More sections of the tutorials. In this module, you check what you learned about creating a map to display revenue amounts in Oracle Analytics Cloud.