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  • Develop a Reusable Web Component in Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (Oracle JET)

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Develop a Reusable Web Component in Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (Oracle JET)

After completing this learning path, you will be able to create a Web Component that uses a form layout in an Oracle JET web application. The learning path demonstrates how to use a currency converter and a length validator in the Web Component. It also demonstrates how to package a Web Component and integrate the Web Component with Oracle Visual Builder.

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beginner Beginner
duration 46 Min
modules 3 Modules

Learning Path Contents

Module Sections Topics and more

  • Welcome to Oracle JET
      duration 8 Min
    Are you a JavaScript developer working on client-side applications and you want to understand what Oracle JET is and how to use it to create a web application? Watch this video for an introduction to Oracle JET and a demo showing how easy it is to create a modern web application using the Oracle JET command-line interface.
  • Create Your Web Component
      duration 23 Min

    This module describes how to a create a Web Component in your Oracle JET web application. It describes how to add a form, a currency converter, and a length validator to your Web Component. It also describes how to package your Web Component to share with the consumer.

    NOTE: This learning path is the last in a series of five learning paths. To experience end-to-end application development in Oracle JET, visit the Oracle JET Help Center for details about building a single application by following a progressive series of learning paths. Alternatively, you may begin this learning path by downloading the starter application from the previous learning path in this Oracle JET series.

  • Consume Your Web Component
      duration 15 Min
    This module describes how to use your Web Component in an Oracle JET web application and in Oracle Visual Builder.