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    • A data source is an object that enables a Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) client to obtain a database connection. The data source has a collection of database connections called a connection pool. An application can request a connection from the data source, use the connection to access the database, and then close the connection. Rather than actually close the connection, however, the data source places it back in the connection pool to be used again. Data sources can be created as part of the configuration of an instance of WebLogic Server. When that server comes up, (or the data source is deployed), the server creates database connections to fill the connection pool of its data source.

    • This video shows how to manage Java EE applications using the WebLogic Server RESTful Management Services. The main points/steps are:

      • Deploy a new application in a WebLogic domain
      • Start the application
      • View the configuration of the application
      • Undeploy the application
    • This video provides a short overview and demonstration of the new elastic scaling feature in WebLogic Server 12.2.1. A dynamic cluster is created and then elastically scaled both up and down using WLST commands.

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    • This video follows on from the "Elastic Cluster Scaling using WLST video" and demonstrates using the WebLogic Server Administration Console to configure elasticity in a dynamic cluster.

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    • This demonstration of the elastic cluster scaling features of WebLogic Server 12.2.1 shows how to configure an environment that can automatically scale up and down based on the load that the cluster is experiencing. The WebLogic Administration Console is used to create two policies and actions that elastically scale the cluster based on the memory being utilized by the members of the cluster. A new managed server instance is created and started when memory use is increased. A managed server instance is shutdown when the memory use is

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    • WebLogic 12.2.1 has now been certified to run on Docker Containers. This video explains the certification effort and shows a demo of a WebLogic Server 12.2.1 running on Docker and deploying the MedRec application.

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    • This short video shows how to quickly get up and running with WebLogic Server 12.2.1 using the developer distribution, demonstrating the installation process, domain creation and starting the server.

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