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    • Explore various resources for the Network Applications products
    • OSM 7.4.0 Revision on Revision feature overview and demo

    • OSM 7.4.0 Process History Improvements Overview and Demo

    • OSM 7.4.0 What's New
      3 months ago

      OSM 7.4.0 What's New overview

    • This presentation highlights new content introduced by Oracle Communications Design Studio 7.4.1

    • This document is intended to accelerate deployments of Service and Network Orchestration (SNO) solution in an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment.  This document does not replace existing documents, but provides an overall flow of operations and supplementary guidance specific to IaaS deployments.  Where necessary, it provides detailed instructions for installing and configuring individual applications as well as SNO solution components in an IaaS environment.

      Although this document supports a specific deployment scenario on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the information in the document can be used as baseline instructions and recommendations for more complex deployments.

      This document is written for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) or System Integrators (SIs) who are installing individual Orchestration applications or a complete SNO solution in an IaaS environment. 

      You should be familiar with Oracle Communications applications, such as Oracle Communications Order and Service Management, Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management, Oracle Communications ASAP, Oracle Communications IP Service Activator, and Oracle Communications Design Studio.

    • This recorded presentation provides an overview of new content introduced in SNO 7.4.0.

    • UIM What's New
      11 months ago

      UIM 7402 release contents

    • UIM What's New
      11 months ago

      Feature released in UIM

    • SNO 7.4.0 What's New
      11 months ago

      This presentation provides an overview of new content included in SNO 7.4.0.

    • SNO Solution Overview
      11 months ago

      This is a brief introduction to  Oracle Communications Service and Network Orchestration Solution.

    • SNO Rapid Service Design
      11 months ago

      This session introduces the Rapid Service Design Methodology for creating Service and Network Orchestration solutions.  This methodology leverages SNO’s Model-driven development approach as well as the inherent decoupling and encapsulation of implementation artifacts within SNO.  It provides  a predictable pattern for work breakdown and task sequencing. This methodology scales across different sizes of projects ranging from an incremental changes acting on small details of a solution to the implementation of complete new solution domains.

    • This session explains how a coherent set of application-specific meta-data  is generated from a Conceptual Model in Oracle’s Service and Network Orchestration solution.  This realization process for a Conceptual Model ensures that each application is configured with consistent, aligned meta-data that guides the SNO platform in orchestrating incoming Service Orders for a specific Service Domain and delivering appropriate configuration to the network.

    • This session illustrates how a Conceptual Model represents the aspects of a Service Domain that are essential for defining Service Orchestration.  We will look at the Broadband Internet Access Conceptual Model and show how each element in the Conceptual Model expresses an aspect of an actual service deployment.

    • SNO Conceptual Model
      11 months ago

      This session introduces the Conceptual Model used in Oracle’s Service and Network Orchestration design time environment.  The Conceptual model for a Service Domain provides a unified information model that anchors the design time experience for the solution.



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