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  • 6.8 years ago
    This content is incorrect. The cURL commands provided do not work as described. I escalated my issues to Wendy Delmolino. She redirected me to Larry Justice and Matt Scott. They provided alternative cURL commands stating they could not get the commands from the demo to work either. Please address all the documentation related to this subject as our customers will only turn to Amazon's Glacier due to inability to address their needs with Oracle products and services.
    • kumar.dhanagopal
      6.8 years ago
      Thanks for letting us know, Will. The cURL commands in this tutorial have been tested. We'll need to find out what specific errors you ran into. I'll reach out to you offline.
    • will.kea
      6.8 years ago
      The problem is not with the tutorial, the problem is with the click-through demos (All commands in the click-through demo).