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  • Working with Managed Coherence Servers

    The objective of this tutorial is to provide a hands-on experience with the Managed Coherence Servers functionality available in WebLogic Server with Coherence 12.1.2 and later. Managed Coherence Servers, or MCS, allows the Coherence instances to be defined, controlled and managed within the WebLogic Server framework. Coherence effectively is now a subsystem of WebLogic Server rather than the historic method of being deployed as separate class being called by a script. Coherence clusters can now be defined within a WebLogic Server domain and associated with WebLogic Server clusters and managed servers. And a new artifact, a Grid ARchive, or GAR file, is now deployable as a individual component, as part of an Enterprise ARchive (EAR) file, or as a shared library, or certain combinations. The GAR file contains the classes and configuration to support both storage enabled and storage disabled cluster resource

    Duration: 180 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Developer, Application Administrator, Java EE Architect, Java - Server-Side Java EE Developer , Security Administrator, Java - Front-End Java EE Developer , Application Developer

    Release Date: 05-AUG-2014

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