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    This tool provides information on the technical requirements for your JD Edwards installation and upgrade planning.

    Release Date: 02-OCT-2014

Reviews (2)

  • 3.3 years ago
    Direct link to Certification Matrix from learnjde. Thanks.
    • 3.3 years ago
      This information is easily available on Certification tab in My Oracle Support. What is the advantage of putting the link here in OLL?
      • bonnie.cook
        3.3 years ago
        We are building out the JD Edwards Resource Library (www.learnjde.com) to become the primary content portal for JD Edwards. As part of this process, we are adding content and content links to resources that support the JD Edwards products. This enables users to easily access content without having to remember multiple locations. As an example, this content item will be part of the content set for upgrade.



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