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  • Oracle Data Integrator 12c - Creating a Standalone Agent

    This tutorial walks you through the steps that are needed to use Oracle Data Integrator Studio (ODI Studio) graphical tools to create a standalone agent to support (among other things) scheduling of procedures. This is the third of four from the Getting Started Series.

    Duration: 20 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Integration Developer, Data Warehouse Developer, Data Warehouse Administrator

    Release Date: 07-MAR-2018

    Created by: Minu Nair

Reviews (4)

  • 2.5 years ago
    Hi, I have one question, suppose that I have below configuration.. Machine 1 - ODI Enterprise installed Machine 2 - ODI Standalone installed Now I want to create an standalone agent on Machine 2 and schedule the scenarios from Machine 1 on standalone agent. Do I have to create new repositories for Machine 2? Before running the config wizard in Machine 2? If I create repositories separately then how will my standalone agent know which repository (machine 1) to connect to get the scenarios for execution?
    • 6.1 years ago
      Tutorial is not available :(
      • rebecca.sly
        6.1 years ago
        Did you click on the blue title at the top of the screen? I tested it just now and it worked. If that doesn't work I suggest trying a different browser.
    • 7.4 years ago
      If WLS installed, you will not find the option 'Standalone Agent' and you may need this tutorial (Creating a 'Standalone Collocated Agent'): http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/obe/fmw/odi/odi_12c/odi12c_agent_collocated/index.html :D
      • 10.5 years ago
        It is clearly written that you need to install ODI twice under two different Middleware homes. I guess this will help others. Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12c (the version shown here is 12.1.2) installer executed twice to install the following components: first as ODI Standalone to install ODI Standalone Agent second as ODI Enterprise to install ODI Studio
        • lefteris.stathakis
          10.4 years ago
          Having the following version of ODI 12c: Standalone Edition Version 12.1.2 Build ODI_12. and the following latest patches applied 17469061 17170540 16926420 I can't go further from step 3 "On the Templates panel, select Oracle Data Integrator - Standalone Agent." as there is no such an option.
        • lefteris.stathakis
          10.4 years ago
          Standalone installation had not been installed.It is OK now after standalone installation. Very useful tutorial.