• SNO Installation on IaaS

    This document is intended to accelerate deployments of Service and Network Orchestration (SNO) solution in an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment.  This document does not replace existing documents, but provides an overall flow of operations and supplementary guidance specific to IaaS deployments.  Where necessary, it provides detailed instructions for installing and configuring individual applications as well as SNO solution components in an IaaS environment.

    Although this document supports a specific deployment scenario on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the information in the document can be used as baseline instructions and recommendations for more complex deployments.

    This document is written for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) or System Integrators (SIs) who are installing individual Orchestration applications or a complete SNO solution in an IaaS environment. 

    You should be familiar with Oracle Communications applications, such as Oracle Communications Order and Service Management, Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management, Oracle Communications ASAP, Oracle Communications IP Service Activator, and Oracle Communications Design Studio.

    Release Date: 03-APR-2019

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  • 4.7 years ago
    Great doc. Have added this option to all my opportunities, and it has been a great advantage against competitors