• Using Eclipse to Synchronize an Oracle Developer Cloud Service Project

    Create a project using Oracle Developer Cloud Service. The project's remote Git repository is synchronized with Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse. The local branch is then pushed back to the cloud after editing is complete.

    For information about other Oracle Developer Cloud Service tasks that you can do with Eclipse, see the documentation.

    Duration: 2.15 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Developer, Java - Front-End Java EE Developer , End User, Application Developer

    Release Date: 15-APR-2015

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Reviews (1)

  • 9.1 years ago
    Is there a version for using Jdeveloper?
    • kenneth.ganfield
      9.1 years ago
      The process for creating an Oracle Developer Cloud Service project is the same regardless of the IDE that you will use to develop the project. When you create the Developer Cloud Service project you are setting up a repository and issue tracker, among other things. There is no code. After you create the Developer Cloud Service project you can use any IDE to create projects and add and edit code. You then use Git to fetch and push files to the repository on Developer Cloud Service. The level of integration with Oracle Developer Cloud Service varies according to the IDE. OEPE and NetBeans IDE have the fullest support at the moment. Support in JDeveloper is limited to support for Git. You cannot create an Oracle Developer Cloud Service project from within JDeveloper. The following video describes how you can create a project in JDeveloper and then push the sources to the Git repository.