• PeopleSoft Pivot Grids: Session 1 - Creating Pivot Grids

    PeopleSoft Pivot Grids

    These free learning sessions provide an introduction on how to design a PSQuery to use for your pivot grid model, create a pivot grid, incorporate pivot grid pagelets into your applications, administer, and migrate pivot grids.


    Session 1: Creating Pivot Grids

    This session provides recommendations for the PSQuery used as a data source for a pivot grid model, as well as discussing pivot grid security. Once you have created or selected the PSQuery to use as the Pivot Grid data source, you will learn how to create and test a new pivot grid model.


    • Use PSQuery as a data source.
    • Set Pivot Grid Security.
    • Create a new Pivot Grid.
    • Test the new Pivot Grid.

    Duration: 50 minutes

    Release Date: 15-MAY-2013

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  • 9.5 years ago
    Very Nice.
    • 10.8 years ago
      Nice and Very detailed. It will be great if it can accept different sources like File
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