• PeopleTools 8.53: Introducing PeopleSoft Search Framework - Session Two

    Introducing PeopleSoft Search Framework


    These free learning sessions provide information on the features, the architecture,

    and the implementation of the new PeopleSoft application's search paradigm, the

    PeopleSoft Search Framework, based on Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES).


    Session 2: Understanding PeopleSoft Search Framework Architecture


    This session provides an architectural overview of the PeopleSoft Search Framework,

    covering the server topology as well as the elements that comprise the new search

    framework and how different user types (developer, system administrator, and end

    user) interact with the new system.




    * PeopleSoft architecture with the addition of Oracle SES.

    * Oracle Secure Enterprise Search architecture.

    * PeopleSoft Search Framework internal architecture.

    * How developers, system administrators, and end users interact with the PeopleSoft Search Framework.


    Duration: 23 minutes

    Duration: 23 minutes

    Release Date: 30-APR-2013

    Created by: Greg Parikh

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