• Testing and Debugging Procedures using SQL Developer 3.1

    Learn how to run a script to update your database, review database objects in your database, create and debug a PL/SQL procedure and create an run a unit test in SQL Developer.

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Release Date: 14-MAY-2012

Reviews (3)

  • 10.6 years ago
    I am a beginner. I don't want to" Right-click the Apply Model node and select Run from the menu." ,Anyone who knows How to use "SQL setence" to finish this? If you helped me, I will thank you very much!
    • 12.1 years ago
      <p> Useful and simple</p>
      • 12.1 years ago
        <p> Very useful and simple guideline. Makes sense to compare SQL developer test options with other testing tools.</p>