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Exalogic Demo Series

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04-FEB-2013 11 mins

Exalogic Hardware Tour

This video walks you through the different hardware components in a real Exalogic machine, with particular attention given to redundancy and serviceability.

04-FEB-2013 5 mins

Creating a Virtual Server with Exalogic Control

This recorded demonstration shows you how to create a new virtual server, or vServer, on your Exalogic machine by using the Exalogic Control browser interface.

04-FEB-2013 10 mins

WebLogic Optimizations for Exalogic

This recorded demonstration introduces several techniques that you can use to optimize an existing WebLogic Server domain that's running on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.

24-JAN-2013 40 mins

Tuxedo Optimizations for Exalogic Demo

A demonstration showcasing Oracle Tuxedo optimizations for the Exalogic Platform.

Learn how to configure most of the Tuxedo features available only on the Exalogic platform, including shared APPDIR, InfiniBand and Socket Direct Protocol (SDP) networking, Shared Memory Queues (SHMQ), and Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) for bypassing BRIDGE processes.

30-NOV-2010 7 mins

Exalogic Storage Appliance

This recorded demonstration provides an overview of the ZFS Storage Appliance included in an Oracle Exalogic machine. The demo walks through the capabilities of the storage browser user interface.

04-FEB-2013 7 mins

Exalogic Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM)

This recorded demonstration walks through the capabilities of Oracle's Integrated Lights Out Manager infrastructure, which is available on all Oracle hardware components. As an example this demo accesses the ILOM tools on a Sun Server compute node included in an Exalogic machine.

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3 user(s) recommend this content

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bill 2.8 years ago
Nice hardware overview
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