• Using DBMS_Scheduler

    This tutorial shows you how to use the DBMS Scheduler feature in Oracle SQL Developer 3.0

    Duration: 80 minutes

    Release Date: 02-AUG-2011

Reviews (2)

  • 9.8 years ago
    I've noticed this has had one other review of one star and after what i admit is a quick skim through this i believe it may be a little unfair so I would like to redress the balance a little (i can't say if 3 stars is right or wrong, but 1 feel 1 star is wrong ... it nearly put me off looking at this). While the start setup seems to be slow and basic the latter part pulls in chains and rules and shows how they link together. This is of is my opinion only.
    • nancy.greenberg
      9.8 years ago
      Thank you. We appreciate this feedback. Please let us know if you have ideas on how to improve this tutorial.
  • 9.8 years ago