• Implementing a Business Process in Oracle BPM 11g

    This tutorial describes what’s involved in implementing a business process using Oracle Business Process Management 11g. You learn the steps in implementing three kinds of activities: business rule tasks, user tasks, and service tasks. You also see a demonstration of implementing a simple user task.

    Duration: 40 minutes

    Release Date: 15-APR-2011

    Created by: Rosie Piller

Reviews (3)

  • 8.2 years ago
    • goga_ioana
      8.2 years ago
  • 12.7 years ago
    Esta muy bueno y completo... no se puede esperar menos de Oracle.
    • 13 years ago
      Great tutorial. It gives you knowledge at high level but it's enough to get the concept of Oracle BPM Studio! Thanks!