• Modeling and Simulating a Business Process in Oracle BPM 11g

    This tutorial describes how to model and simulate a business process using Oracle Business Process Management 11g. You see a demonstration of modeling using Oracle Business Process Composer, a simple web-based tool, as well as BPM Studio, a tool used to share process models with Developers. You also see how to use BPM Studio to run simulations—what-if scenarios—so you know how the process will behave under specific circumstances and you can optimize the process before going live.

    Duration: 40 minutes

    Release Date: 15-APR-2011

    Created by: Rosie Piller

Reviews (7)

  • 12 years ago
    <p> A good and very clear introduction to modeling with both the Composer and Studio and a very interesting third chapter about simulation in BPM Studio. Short in time but quite enough to start working with it.</p>
    • 12.7 years ago
      A nice introduction to BPM.
      • 12.9 years ago
        Content is very detailed and it is presented in a very clean and simple way.
        • 13 years ago
          The content is very good and well explained and i find it quite interactive, which don't let you fall asleep :), Hence it is a 5 Star content..It explain how to use Business Process Composer and few features of BPM Studio, It encourage you to work on it.
          • 13.1 years ago
            A very nice way to see some of the Oracle BPM's modeling and simulating functionalities.
            • 13.1 years ago
              The simulations piece was very interesting, I am going to give that a try. The BPM studio interface seems to be fairly intuitive. The one thing I do not understand is the need for reinventing the wheel doing version control with MDS. Why can't the artefacts live in the file system and be versioned with existing tools like svn etc? Overall a great introduction for beginners. Thank you.
              • 13.1 years ago
                Good and Informative for a Beginner