• Oracle Database 12c: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing New Features

    There are several features in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 of which you can take advantage
    when it comes to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (BI).

    • You can use multipartition maintenance operations which enable adding multiple partitions to a table, dropping multiple partitions, merging multiple partitions into one partition, splitting of a single partition into multiple partitions, and truncating multiple partitions using a single SQL data definition language (DDL) statement.
    • You can also recognize patterns in a sequence of rows by using the MATCH_RECOGNIZE clause in native SQL which executes efficiently.
    • The new Synchronous Refresh feature will always keep a base table in sync with a Materialized View (MV) that is built on it.
    • You can also improve query performance against OLAP cubes.
    • Finally, local and global indexes can now be created on a subset of the partitions of a table. This feature provides more flexibility in index creation. Global index maintenance can now be delayed and decoupled using DROP and TRUNCATE partition without making a global index unusable. This new feature provides faster DROP and TRUNCATE partition operations. Index maintenance can be delayed to off-peak time.

    Duration: 89 minutes

    Release Date: 05-MAY-2014

    Created by: Lauran Serhal

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  • 6.3 years ago
    The chapter about synchronous refresh is great. Thanks for the explanations and demo illustrations.
    • 10.2 years ago
      Lot's of things.. Go thru with high speed. Annoying thing was change of volume between chapters and some chapters had ambient noise of traffic and airplanes behind.