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Creating and Using Action Links and Actions

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shashank.soman 1.3 years ago
Hi This is really helpful document to understand a very dynamic functionality in OBIEE Analysis creation. I have just done once to understand how I can call an existing analysis from original analysis. However I have one query - 1. I have a summary analysis report a which has 3 parameters and I call a detail analysis based on one field from within. Then How do I dynamically pass existing parameters to that called analysis report? 2. If the called analysis report is from different subject area, Is it possible to perform similar passing of parameters (as parameters will be same) to that called report? The reason for simply asking this query is to enable summary and detail level analysis calling from within existing analysis. Regards Shanks09
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I would like to recommand this Oracle By Example easy way of learning ...
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anyalakonda 5 years ago
This tutorial is awesome ...
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