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  • 8.1 years ago
    This was a good tutorial. However in this tutorial the section Backing Up the CDB comes before creating a new Tablespace in Performing Erroneous Updates in the PDB. If the steps are followed in order as presented the recovery can fail with the error below. ORA-00283 recovery session canceled due to errors ORA-01244 unnamed datafile(s) added to control file by media recovery However to avoid the above issue run the rman backup after creating the new TBS in section Creating a Tablespace Schema and Table in PDB2. After changing the order backup after the TBS create the PIT Recovery and the rest of the tutorial worked just fine for me. From a practical stand point it is a best practice to run a backup after a structural change to a database.
    • 9.7 years ago
      if you perform a point in time recovery of a pluggable database (PDB), you can not use flashback database to return the CDB to a point in time before that PITR of the PDB took place This should perhaps be called out
      • 10.3 years ago
        I do recommend this tutorial, because the explanation is well detailed ... well done Oracle Team.