• Using Oracle Providers for ASP.NET

    This tutorial demonstrates Oracle Providers for ASP.NET usage and how tightly the providers integrate with existing ASP.NET management tools, controls, and services.

    Duration: 30 minutes

    Release Date: 08-JAN-2011

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  • 12.7 years ago
    <p> Very usefull lab, and I will definitely use the skills in my work. However, I did have some problems getting the ODAC installed. After installing with the OUI, the message "Run the scripts in the ASP.NET\SQL folder" is a bit brief. Finally I found the document <cite>Providers for ASP.NET Developer's Guide for Microsoft Windows</cite> on OTN, which helped me a lot. Create a new user for the ASPNET objects. And also where to find the Connectionstring that was faulty (in the machine.config, didn't even <em><span style="font-style: italic;"> </span></em>know I had one!). But after that, it worked fine, and I learned a lot!</p>