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  • 9.5 years ago
    Had to change SALES_PERSON_ID to SLS_PRSN_ID because the max column size was 11 and not 15. It would overlap the other column's name.
    • 12.6 years ago
      <p> In te scetion: <a id="t6" name="t6">Creating a New ODI Interface for Flat File to Flat File Transformations</a>, picture 2, please add the "Staging Area Different From Target" checkbox must be on. Otherwise you'll not complete the tutorial. Beside this very useful.</p>
      • 13.1 years ago
        For Project naming : Project name written is not similar to the project name in Screen shot and the text name is not correct according to the nomenclature. At some places Export is used in place of import, text needs a review as the screen shots are correct..Otherwise material is good.
        • 13.2 years ago
          Very straightforward and useful. One minor quibble: when creating the interface, one should click on "Staging Area Different From Target". Other than that, the tutorial was quite useful.
          • 13.3 years ago
            Very clear explanation, with USEFUL images to help the user to understand the various steps. Compliments!
            • 13.5 years ago
              It is Explained very clearly to export a flat file to a flat file