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  • 13.1 years ago
    OBE is well explained but i feel a that content need a little review as there are some fumble has happended at below instances Creating a New Project with Oracle Data Integrator ---------------------------------------------------- Point 4 You export a flat file directly to a relational table target. The knowledge modules required for this are LKM File to SQL and IKM SQL Incremental Update. Point 5 Select IKM SQL to File Append. Click OK. ---> Point 4 is not correct as correct IKM is mentioned and shown in screen shot of point 5 Creating RDBMS Schema for ODI Source Datastore ---------------------------------------------------- Point 3 Expand connection ODI_STAGE > Tables > TRG_SALES_PERSON and verify that the table is created successfully ---> Here the Table should have been SRC_SALES_PERSON as it is shown in the screen shots also These are the small things but must be removed while reviewing
    • 13.3 years ago
      All the OBE's under ODI 11g Series are well explained with detailed steps. It helps a lot to start work on ODI 11g. Thanks for supporting us with OBE's.