• Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Prepare for Test Data Management (1 of 3)

    This is part 1 of a 3-part demonstration show you how to implement test data management using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c. In this demonstration, you see how to prepare a database with the packages and functions needed to perform test data management operations.

    NOTE: If using the database plug-in or later (EMCC12cR3 and later), this step is no longer required and is performed automatically when creating an Application Data Model

    Duration: 2 minutes

    Release Date: 02-OCT-2011

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Reviews (5)

  • 10.6 years ago
    how download this video ?
    • lisalv
      10.4 years ago
      I need to test the datamasking in EM 12c. It will be helpful to me.
  • 10.8 years ago
    More explanation on other options of Credential is appreciate.
    • 11.4 years ago
      <p> Great! </p> <p> Just make sure to click the parameters tab and select the appropriate template for your use case.</p> <p> The default is eBusiness Suite application.</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p>
      • 12.4 years ago
        <p> good demonstration.</p>
        • 12.5 years ago