• Oracle Data Integrator 11g Series

    The OBEs in this series provide instructions on how to use Oracle Data Integrator 11g

    Release Date: 12-JAN-2011

    Created by: Viktor Tchemodanov, Richard Green

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  • 10.8 years ago
    Hi, Can you provide us the OBE for ODI 11g - for Technology - Hypersonic SQL 1) on how to create the Data Server (exact name for Data Server) 2) Physical Schema as HSQL_LOCALHOST_20001_Default and HSQL_LOCALHOST_20002_Default 3) Logical Schema as HSQL_DEMO_SRC and HSQL_DEMO_TARG start_demot.bat related scripts already downloaded from ODI-demo.zip 4) Designer - Model as HSQL SRC with Reverse Engineering results as Standard with results Tables as SRC_CITY, SRC_CUSTOMER, SRC_PRODUCT, SRC_REGION..... Earlier created SRC_ tables in my 10g Database as schema ORDERS - containing the Tables as SRC_CITY, SRC_CUSTOMER, SRC_PRODUCT, SRC_REGION..... Overall required complete tutorial for Hypersonic SQL DB until Reverse Engineering results based on the details provided. Thanks
    • 11.7 years ago
      <p> I am new to ODI, Please guide and how to start learning ODI.</p>
      • 12.3 years ago
        <p> I am a beginner and this guide series were very helpful to understand the ODI components.</p>
        • 12.4 years ago
          <p> well explained with steps detailed with all required screen shots. Thanks OBE!</p>
          • 12.6 years ago
            <p> Good Material for Beginners..</p>
            • 12.8 years ago
              Good material
              • 13 years ago
                It is more explanatory to user in comparison to ODI 10g training material.It is really helpful for the person new to this tool and aid to those who are already working on it.
                • 13 years ago
                  The whole material is easy to understand and self explanatory with screen shots Congrats to all this effort and producing such useful study material
                  • 13.1 years ago
                    Great training material for those people that are new to ODI 11g.
                    • 13.2 years ago
                      Superb learning material provided in this OBEs.It helped me a lot in learning ODI...Thanks a lot
                      • 13.2 years ago
                        All the OBE's under ODI 11g Series are well explained with detailed steps. It helps a lot to start work on ODI 11g. Thanks for supporting us with OBE's.