• Oracle Real User Experience Insight: Basic Navigation, Data Structures, and Workflows

    This self-study course is the second in a series about Oracle Real User Experience Insight and takes a deeper dive into the features and functionality of RUEI. The dashboard, data browser, reports, KPIs, user flows, session diagnostics, click-out functionality to external diagnostics, and the new Enterprise Manager integration with the Business Target Application are discussed in detail. In addition to lectures, this self-study contains several demonstrations, simulations, knowledge checks, interactions, and quick start guides.

    Duration: 91 minutes

    Release Date: 14-NOV-2012

    Created by: Linda Ross

Reviews (1)

  • 11.5 years ago
    <p> Great coverage of the tool.</p> <p> Suitable for anyone that needs a rather quick (90 min.) ofunctional overview of the product.</p> <p>  </p>