• Working with Tuning Utilities in SQL Developer 4.0

    In this tutorial you will use SQL Developer to generate and display the explain plan of a SQL query and execute an autotrace plan. In addition, you examine the effects of changing column order in a composite index and use SQL Plan Baseline to associate a hinted execution plan with a hard coded SQL statement.

    Duration: 40 minutes

    Release Date: 12-MAR-2013

Reviews (2)

  • 7.3 years ago
    • 11.2 years ago
      It seems that there are some mistakes in this tutorial ??? You do not used the baseline as it is supposed to be.
      • nancy.greenberg
        11.2 years ago
        We'll work on fixing the issues. Thank you for this feedback.
      • tlesinski
        11.2 years ago
        I agree bugs in tutorial
      • nancy.greenberg
        11 years ago
        We have updated the material. Please let us know if you see issues.
      • boufelja.sarah
        9.2 years ago
        I cannot connect to the hr database with the credentials given in this tutorial. Thanks for you help.