• Oracle NoSQL Database Self Study and Practice

    In this self-paced tutorial, you are introduced to the Oracle NoSQL database, including architecture, key features, storage and benchmarks. A case study is explained and practices are available.

    Duration: 45 minutes

    Release Date: 03-FEB-2013

    Created by: Salome Clement

Reviews (4)

  • 8.1 years ago
    Tutorial is very helpful, I am trying to run MoviePlex application in my linux machine, please provide this project code for this application. Many thanks
    • 11 years ago
      Thanks you for a nice intro to NoSQL DB.Can you also have a self paced course which delves deeper into the technical details of NOSQL architecture,installations and config.
      • 11.1 years ago
        Kudos to you Salome.. Nice tutorial...
        • 11.3 years ago
          Absolutely great tutorial on Oracle NoSQL Database and the MoviePlex app that uses NoSQL for low latency and high throughput workload.