• Working with JSON Documents in Oracle NoSQL Database

    Learn how to work with JSON data in Oracle NoSQL Database using an example scenario.

    Duration: 35 minutes

    This content is intended for the following job role(s): Data Scientist, Database Administrator, Application Developer

    Release Date: 28-SEP-2017

    Created by: Supriya Ananth

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  • 6.6 years ago
    This is a good tutorial about how to use Java for JSON data in a Oracle NoSQL Database store. So, my question about this topic is if we'll be able to use JSON data in a Oracle SQL or PL/SQL Database environment.
    • supriya.ananth
      6.6 years ago
      Hello and thank you for your feedback. Yes, we can use JSON data in a Database environment. Please refer to this documentation for more details:
  • 7.7 years ago
    • zabinbithi
      6.6 years ago
    • bithi1255
      6.6 years ago